About Tangent Data Services

Tangent Data Services was founded in the fall of 2012 to address the need for: 1) technology driven real-time data analytics and 2) Big Data driven actionable insights for investment professionals.

Big Data has experienced explosive growth and is currently disrupting many legacy business models. To date, the investment community has not embraced the power of Big Data and Tangent Data Services is at the forefront of the next generation of data analytics empowering fundamental analysts to leverage Big Data.

Tangent Data Services strives to partner with our clients and provide investors with real-time data points and companywide – as well as specific product and subscription – trends to enhance their investment performance. We arm investors with key intra-period (ie, daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly) insights, data points and trends -- allowing them to act before their peers and before the information is reflected in market prices.

Our real-time aggregation and analysis is based on data that is exclusive to Tangent Data Services. Our proprietary data provides Tangent's clients with actual consumer behavior in real-time through the processing of nearly 2.5 billion emails each quarter. Tangent’s analytics have identified numerous money making opportunities for investors.

Clients use our real-time data in many ways including: 1) monitoring intra-period key data points/trends and 2) uncovering potential quarterly key metrics surprises.

Our team has significant experience in the investment management business - both in managing investments and in servicing investors. We also possess a deep understanding of technology, engineering, data management and analysis, and e-business.

We are an independent data aggregation and analytics firm and we do not offer investment recommendations.